With a passion for garden design and an eye for detail, Todd Dorlon began a new chapter in his career, opening TMD Landscape Designs in 2011.  The timing felt right to him, after eight years of hands-on experience, at two leading Birmingham area firms.  Over the last few years, TMD Landscape Designs has evolved and expanded to encompass all exterior design aspects of the home and garden.  In addition to traditional landscape and hardscape design, and with a goal of meeting all of a client’s design needs, TMD Landscape Designs has a wide range of offerings to carry a project through to completion.  With an appreciation of fine craftsmanship, and a desire to make each project unique, Todd enjoys designing custom garden elements such as benches, water features, shutters, gates and window boxes.  Additional offerings range from help with container & fountain selection, to outdoor furniture & fabric, to paint colors and design modifications of a home’s exterior.  The ultimate goal, in addition to creating a beautiful, functional space, is to make the process easy and enjoyable for the client.  Beyond designing, Todd manages every aspect of the job, working as a liaison between the client and each individual trade.  

Landscapes are ever-changing.  Getting to know the client and understanding their long-term goals are very important.  Todd feels the formula for a solid design involves weaving together a designer’s knowledge with a client’s personal design style and the style of the home.  He believes the mark of a happy client is revealed when a project ends, and then evolves into an on-going relationship.  In Todd’s view, there is nothing more rewarding than watching a design that he had a hand in mature, and being entrusted to make improvements to the garden over time.